Tommy Smith started the Tommy Smith Scholarship because he remembers how hard it was to go to college, balance a part-time job, and have a social life during his college years. This scholarship is to show students that there are people who understand all that they have to do to get an education. The scholarship is worth $1000 and only requires a 500-word essay on a specific topic to apply. Please find all details below.

Who Can Enter for the Tommy Smith $1000 Scholarship?

  • Current college or university students
  • High school seniors who have been accepted into a college or university

How to Enter?

To enter for a chance to receive the $1000 Tommy Smith Scholarship you have to write an essay answering, “If you could start any business while in college or afterward what would it be and why”?

What is the Deadline to Enter?

May 31, 2019

How Does the Application Process Work?

  1. Write your 500-word essay and submit the form by May 31, 2019.
  2. The Tommy Smith Scholarship committee will review all responses.
  3. A winner will be selected and contacted in June.
  4. Once the winner responds (within 2 weeks) the $1000 will be sent to the winner’s financial aid department.

Good luck to all who apply!