Tommy Smith started the Tommy Smith Scholarship because he remembers how hard it was to go to college, balance a part-time job, and have a social life during his college years. This scholarship is to show students that there are people who understand all that they have to do to get an education. The scholarship is worth $1000 and only requires a 500-word essay on a specific topic to apply.

Education scholarships have a huge, lasting impact on the lives of the recipients. The scholarships offer successful applicants a host of benefits, including financial, personal and educational benefits along with a bright career prospects. The most important financial aspect is a reduction in the overall tuition burden. The reprieve covers out of pocket fees paid by parents or sponsors and the financial assistance obtained from the state and federal government. The Tommy Smith Scholarship was established by Tommy Smith to help needy and dedicated students pay for college tuition. Tommy was prompted to establish the scholarship due to his own checkered personal experience. While growing up in Florida, Tommy vividly remembers the hardships he had to endure in order to go through college and ultimately graduate with respectable grades.

One of his biggest challenges was attending college and at the same time balancing the demands of a part time job and maintaining an active social life. In addition, Tommy understood the effects of the heavy tuition burden, which he believes can easily keep students away from achieving their lifelong dream of graduating from college. A lot of existing scholarships, awards and grants, mostly target applicants with financial need. The Tommy Smith Scholarship is open to all students. The $1,000 Tommy Smith Scholarship is offered to students who write a compelling, 500 word essay on the topic suggested by the scholarship panel. Owing to growing interest, the number of entries being received has been rising steadily every calendar year. Students, who have benefited from the scholarship in the past, acknowledge the fact that lives became much easier with a scholarship.

The above scenario essentially means students worry less about fees and instead concentrate most of their efforts on the crucial issue of learning and studying. The beneficiaries are also compelled to work harder in school in order to attract more accolades and sponsorships in the future. On a more personal level, the winners appreciate the fact that Tommy Smith truly understands their plight and is doing something about it. The scholarship panel is chaired by Tommy Smith Weston Fl. Eligible applicants must either be university or college students. High school seniors with a university or college admission letters are also invited. To make a submission, students need to go to the scholarship website and enter their full names, email address, mailing address, name of the school they are attending or plan to attend and the contact phone number.

At the bottom of the form, the student will add the 500 word essay. The May 1, 2019 essay asks applicants to categorically state the type of business they can start and the reasoning behind the decision. It is important to reiterate that the essay must be submitted within the stipulated timeframe. Once the essays are received, the Tommy Smith Scholarship committee will sit down and review all the essays before announcing the winner. Just like the previous announcements, the winner of the essay dated 1 May 2019 will be called and given 2 weeks to claim the scholarship. Once the response is received, the committee will forward the $1,000 to the winning student’s financial aid department. When writing the essay, there are a few tips to consider in order to ensure your essay is accorded the respect it deserves.

You can start by thinking about the topic at hand and brainstorm over a few ideas that will help you create a fitting outline for the entire essay. While writing your outline, it is important to choose the theme for your writing along with compelling examples. Putting your creativity to work at this time will help you write an essay that stands out from the crowded pool. Before submitting the work, you need to check through the work to ensure your essay is neat, well-written and readable. Always remember, a well-written and readable essay is one that is proofread for grammar and spelling. The essay should also feature appropriate spacing. Lastly, you can get your teacher or friend to read through your essay to ensure any errors and omissions that may have been overlooked are corrected before submission.

Students and parties interested in the scholarship can easily get in touch with the Tommy Smith Scholarship administrators online by submitting a form, complete details such as name, email, subject and the intended message. A dedicated support team is always at hand to respond to all queries and commentaries. The program overseer, Tommy Smith Weston Fl is a staunch education advocate, scholar and a native of Florida. His passion for writing began earlier on in life. Over the years, Tommy has made numerous contributions at the community level to support of education, youth empowerment and business initiatives aimed at uplifting lives.